Gorcin Dizdar

Gorčin Dizdar

Gorčin Dizdar studied philosophy and German literature at the Oxford University and obtained his Master and Doctoral Degrees in Humanities at the York University of Toronto. Concurrently with that, he worked on the development of Makova Hiža, a museum-gallery centre of the Mak Dizdar Foundation in Stolac, as well as on the promotion of cultural-historical tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a special emphasis on the affirmation of medieval tombstones and the medieval cultural heritage in general.  After his engagement as a consultant for the organization of events aimed at promoting tourist destinations, since the beginning of 2019, he has been working as the head of the tourism sector within the MarketMakers Project.


Zoran Injac

Zoran Injac, a Graduate Aviation Mechanical Engineer born in Banja Luka, obtained his Doctoral Degree at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade, major in traffic.  Zoran has gained his experience through his work in: Putevi Republike Srpske d.o.o. Banja Luka Public Company as the Strategic Planning Coordinator; the Sky Srpska a.d. Banja Luka Public Company as the Director; in the Aerodromi Republike Srpske A.D. Banja Luka as the Executive Director;  the ODP Aerodromi Republike Srpske Banja Luka as Assistant Director for Banja Luka Airport and Head of Civil Aviation Safety; in the Republic of Srpska Aviation Service as the Technical Manager.

Melita Ozegic

Melita Ožegić

Although an economist by trade, Melita spent her career working in tourism and hospitality. For 7 years she was part of Maistra d.d on all kinds of positions from receptionist, lead receptionist to  Event manager in MICE hotel department Lone before finally arriving to

During 5 years in company she was in charge of Plitvica, Continental Croatia, Kvarner gulf and City of Zagreb markets.  Since January 2018. she works as an Account Manager for partners in Serbia with emphasis on the capital city Belgrade.

John William Bills — foto

John William Bills

John Bills is a free-lance author, travel writer and an amateur darts player from the small Wales nation. He has been working for In Your Pocket for half a decade, filling out guidebooks for numerous cities across Europe, including Ljubljana, Belgrade, Berlin, Vienna even the small Slovenian mountain village of Bole. John will be spending the largest part of 2019 preparing guidebooks for a number of cities and places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Banja Luka to Bihać through Mostar, Trebinje and may other. John is also the author of An Illustrated History of Slavic Mystery, Via The Left Bank of the ‘90s and A Currency for the Cat: Travels in Bosnia & Herzegovina, three determined non-academic travel and historic books available in his small bookstore. (

Mili Bijavica

Mili Bijavica

Mili Bijavica, born in Mostar in 1956, completed his primary and secondary school in Mostar. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Mostar, which was part of the University of Sarajevo at the time. In 1980 he got employed at the large agricultural-industrial-tourist complex of APRO Hercegovina as the head of branch offices in the Herzegovina region.


He won the scholarship of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and the Italian Foreign Ministry. He stayed in Italy for one year where he specialised in tourism obtaining a diploma of Specialist in Tourism-sub-specialisation in Tourism Marketing. He has spent his entire career in tourism business. He learnt foreign languages during his studies in European countries (Italian, German, and English). Since 1989 he is the owner and the Director of the Fortuna Tours Tourist Agency, which was one of the first private agencies in Yugoslavia and has been the lead tourist agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina for receptive i.e. “incoming” tourism for years.  Today he employs 25 workers and over 50 part-time workers. He is also the President of the Professional Catering, Tourism and Hotel Business Commission at the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber from 2018/2019. He is the President of the Assembly of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Chamber of Commerce (2018/2019).

Slobodan Micic

Slobodan Mićić

Slobodan Mićić, graduated in economics from the College of Economic Sciences of the University of Belgrade. He was the Head of the Intercontinental Department of the Putnik Agency, and today he is a co-owner of the Kon Tiki Travel Tourist Agency that is said to be the most prestigious one in Serbia and the region. He speaks English and German languages, and has, also, been working as a tourist guide for a number of years. Mr Mićić holds the title of an Honorary Consul of the Republic of Island in Serbia and he has participated in the work of tourist organizations from Serbia and the region. The personal qualities he emphasizes include: exceptional communication qualities, strong ability to work with demanding clients, strong negotiation skills.

zeljko karanovic

Željko Karanović

Željko Karanović is the Director of Operations of the MarketMakers Project. Željko  had the luck to gain his work experience in Germany, and then in London during the IT boom where he worked in  IT, HR marketing and financial services sectors. During this period he worked as Project Manager, Account Manager, Talent Manager and Head of the Department for Resource Systems and Procedures for the Barclays Bank, HSBC  and numerous software and technology companies across the United States, APAC and EMEA. Željko graduated in international marketing with German language from the Greenwich University in London, and his leisure time is spent depending on the activities of his 10-year old son. Željko’s work in the NGO sector and, especially, on the MarketMakers Project, gives him dynamism, diligence and team work he takes pleasure in, just like a creative work environment that inspires him to achieve good results and personal goals. Before, he  worked for investments banks, HSBC and Barclays, in London, as Manager for Human Resources and Knowledge Management, just like in the technological branch as Project Manager in Oracle. He has 20 years of work experience in the fields of finance, technology, human resources, employment system and marketing from the United Kingdom and Germany.

Niko Slavnic-slika (1)

Niko Slavinić

Goran Milic

Goran Milić

He graduated and never thought he would be a TV reporter. As a young man, he worked in physical affairs around London, worked as a translator of criminal novels, gave private classes in French and Spanish, taught Serbian-Croatian diplomats, worked as a correspondent, as a leader and editor, as a professor at the University and as a program director, but however, he gave the world most of all through television coverage and documentary shows such as: Deleted space, We are going to America, Now to Europe, We are going north, Alchemy of the Balkans, Sometimes and now, Let’s go on the road with Goran Milić.Of course, this is one and unrecognizable Goran Milić, who directly brought people, countries, events, cultures and perceptions directly to his shows. At the time when many did not even have passports, Goran traveled with his father to many world destinations and maybe on those trips he “acquired” the basis for the development of a brilliant career of TV reporter, which began in 1970. Although retired, he still creates new ideas and captures documentary shows that encourage better understanding and acceptance, making this world a more beautiful place to live.Rich in life and professional experience, acquired in different parts of the world, Goran Milić will guide us into the world of travel and show us the importance of tourism in upgrading personalities and society in general.

Damir Rigo

Damir Rigo

Director of the Air Serbia representative office for the market of Croatia,
Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia
Air Serbia
Damir Rigo was born in Zagreb on June 28, 1963. He graduated from the Faculty of Transportation at the University of Zagreb,  air traffic. He started his professional career in 1985 in JAT. Since then, his career has been closely linked to aviation and tourism. In 1989 she moved to INA-Tours (INA-owned tour operator), where she soon became assistant general manager and director of business units in Zagreb, Poreč and Split. In 2002, he assumed the position of the Regional Director of Malaysia Airlines for Eastern Europe with headquarters in Zagreb. In the period 2002-2012., he participates in various projects and education, and he  is actively engaged in the project of introducing commercial activities of Malaysia Airlines to the market of Ukraine. 2014. At the invitation of Etihad Airlines and Air Serbia, he actively participates in the renewal of air traffic between Belgrade and Zagreb and assumes the position of the Regional Director of Air Serbia for the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. He is still in this position today.
Mladen Sukalo

Mladen Šukalo

He was born 1979 in Banja Luka. He studied at Banja Luka in Belgrade, where he graduated as a geography and tourism and master economist. From 1999 to 2004 he volunteered in a non-governmental organization dealing with environmental protection in the field of sustainable tourism development. Since 2004 he has been employed at the Banja Luka Tourist board as Independent Expert Associate for Tourism Development, Planning, Development and Implementation of Projects and Tourist Propaganda. He is the author and coordinator of numerous projects and publications including Kozara Etno, Vrbas Adventure Resort, Banja Luka Rural Tourism, Promoting Sustainable Development of Kozara and others and Tourist guide of honor for the Republic of Srpska.
Tim Clancy

Tim Clancy

Tim Clancy is an expert in Sustainable Development working in the western Balkans. He has worked in the western Balkans since the break-up of the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s where he started as a volunteer aid worker.  In 2000 Tim co-founded a social business, Green Visions, the first of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina that focused on eco-tourism and environmental protection in vulnerable mountain communities. He later made use of his degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Florida State University by authoring the first English language travel guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the London-based publisher Bradt Travel Guides. Since then Tim has authored 8 more travel books on the region, including a regional travel guide by Thomas Cook Publishing and is the editor-in-chief of Don’t Miss Travel Magazine. After several years of development work in BiH, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo following the war, Tim spent a year hiking through the mountains and learning more about the highland cultures. Since then he has been dedicated to environmental activism, ecologically responsible development of BiH’s cultural, historical and natural heritage, and changing the widespread negative image of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a tourism and environment consultant for the EU, UNESCO, UNDP, USAID and various local institutions. Tim maintains several active blogs: and A focal point of Tim’s work has been sustainable mountain development in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider Dinaric Alps region. He is a pioneer in bringing the plight of the highland regions into focus and works as a sustainable development consultant for the likes of UNDP, USAID, the European Union, and JICA.
Dragana Ristic

Dragana Ristić

Born in 1981. in Banja Luka.

She finished High school and College of Economics here in Banja Luka.

She’s employed by Ministry of trade and tourism since 2010.  She performed outstanding work as Internal controller in the Department for labor as well as the head of Department for tourism and hospitality.

She’s married and has two children.

IMG_5409 (1)

Doc. dr Mirjana Delić-Jović

Doctor of economic sciences and other field of research are Agricultural science.

Dean of Tourism and hospitality college in Business University in Banja Luka.

Author of countless scientific papers, participant of numerous projects like “Horizon 2020 project”, “European night Researchers BiH 2016” and “European night Researchers BiH 2017” also a member of the editorial board for “Business study” magazine.